How do we help you?

  • Financial Planning

    Financial Planning

    • Buy a House
    • Education Funding for Children
    • Children’s Wedding
    • Prepare for Retirement
  • Family Protection

    Family Protection

    • Create Your Family Fund
    • Preserve Your Net Worth
    • Protecting Your Financial Assets
    • Writing a Will
    • Tax efficient Wealth Transfer through Trust formation
  • Grow your Wealth

    Grow your Wealth

    • Put your money to work
    • Create second income from your portfolio
    • Become a Dollar Millionaire
    • Be Part of Select High Net Worth Investor Group
  • Business Protection

    Business Protection

    • Cover Business Liabilities
    • Fund Employess Gratuity Liabilities
    • Cover Cash Flow Gaps
    • Cover Business Creditors

Who We Are

We are a Professional Advisory Firm that offers tailor made solutions on Wealth Management & Investments to individual and corporate clients.

We work with clients to examine and review their financial objectives and use our expertise to help them benefit with a bespoke investment solution.

We’ve developed a suite of products and services designed to meet our clients’ specific requirements and help achieve their financial goals.

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Our Unique Investment approach
Wealth management for all life stages

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    Share Wealth

    Share Wealth


  • Investments

    Benefit from a world of market leading products promising variety, flexibility and the potential for exceptional growth of wealth.

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  • Private Client Services

    For those who requires sophisticated, tailored and flexible solutions to ensure their families and estate are well protected.

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  • Venture Capital Funds

    Gain from the latest opportunities in investment, start-up funding, either through Venture Capital funds or directly. Invest in businesses with high growth potential.

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  • Platinum Passive Portfolio

    Through our partnership with Global Institutions, we have created a unique Passive Portfolio that aims to provide stable returns to our clients with lower volatility.

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  • NRI Advisory Services

    Providing opportunities to our clients to purchase financial assets based in one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

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  • Will Writing & Trust Formation

    Legally protect the legacy of your family, ensure their financial security and rest assure knowing that they can continue their current day-to-day lifestyle.

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  • 1. Is my money Safe?

    Yes. Your investment account would be opened with one of the reputed global financial institutions that we represent. The client money is put into segregated client investment account which can be used exclusively for three purposes:

    1. For buying and selling assets
    2. Paying back to the clients
    3. Paying fees agreed in writing between client and advisor

    Your account will be protected by a “China-Wall”, that’ll ensure that no other transactions other than the three mentioned above will occur.

  • 2. What are the investment options?

    You can invest short term (1-5years) and long term (5 years and beyond)

    Long term investments generally give higher returns with managed optimum risk. Smaller capital gives lesser return compared to bigger capital for the simple reason that an investor with larger capital can buy multiple assets that would lead to higher returns.

  • 3. What kind of growth I can expect?

    Growth can vary depending upon the amount invested, period of investment, risk appetite of the investor. Typically, it has the potential to grow @10% and beyond.

  • 4. What is the right time to invest?

    Today is the right time to invest. In investments, period of investment plays relatively bigger role than the invested amount or the rate of growth of investment. So, getting started sooner with whatever is available as savings will play major role in your growth and prosperity. As experienced investors say, time in the market is always better than timing the market.

  • 5. What is the minimum investment amount?

    Investment can be done as Lump-sum or on regular instalments. For lump-sum the amount required will be higher starting from $25,000/- and above. However, for regular installments, $ 1,000/- per month is sufficient for the chosen period of investment.

  • 6. Why should I invest with Vita Wealth Management?

    We have specialist skill and partnerships to deal with the complexities of investment field on global scale. We have past 15 years of experience in dealing with all types of assets from across the globe. We have served 1000+ happy clients. Meeting the desired objective of the client is at the core of our working principle.

  • 7. Can I start my investment with smaller amount?

    Yes, you can start investing with an amount as low as $1,000/- per month.

  • 8. Where will my money be invested?

    We have a range of investment options like ETFs, Mutual Funds, Stocks, Bonds, Structured Notes, Venture Capital Funds etc., with globally reputed financial institutions. Our approach in selecting the investment vehicle & investment options for you will depend upon your financial & investment objective. It will be according to your risk bearing capacity, your age, earnings etc., once our investment advisor discusses these aspects with you in detail.

  • 9. Will my money be invested with a regulated entity?

    Yes, all the global institutions with whom we partner are licensed & regulated in various jurisdictions and have a long standing history. So, your money is always in safe hands

  • 10. Can I withdraw my money anytime?

    Yes, Withdrawal facility is available in most of the investments. However, as an investor, it is always beneficial for you to not withdraw your capital simply due to the fact that your returns would reduce as your investments won’t be able to compound at the same rate.

  • 11. What are the flexibilities?

    All kind of flexibilities are available in investments. You can view your investment account online, raise your service requests online.  You can withdraw amount. You can top-up amount. You can invest in multi currencies.

  • 12. Can I open an investment account in my firm’s name?

    Yes. Individuals, Corporate bodies & Trusts can invest in their own names.

  • 13. Is nomination facility available?

    Yes, you can nominate any individual or a trust for your investment account.

  • 14. What are tax drawdowns on my Investment?

    Modern days investments are designed to suit the interest of the investors. Most of the institutions operate out of Tax efficient jurisdictions so the investments are not subject to tax at their end. However, for the specific impact of the taxes in the hands of investors, you should consult the tax expert as it would depend upon the laws of the country of your residence.

  • 15. What currency conversion risk do I face?

    Generally, the prevailing currency conversion rates are applied.

  • 16. What will be the fate of my investment, should I shift residence to other countries?

    Most investment accounts are global in nature and can be managed from any part of the world. Since your investment account can be viewed online and payment/withdrawal can be made online, and you can interact via email with us regarding your account, the impact of changing residence will get taken care of.

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